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Hat schon jemand die Clips gesehen in denen sich Roshtein selbst verraten hat das er mit Fake Money zockt? Habs heute auf Youtube. › was-haltet-ihr-von-dem-twitch-zocker-roshtein. ist roshtein einfach ein fake channel oder arbeitet der vielleicht sogar mit dem casino zusammen? danke fuer eure antwort:+1: Trempor UTC. What do you think? Roshtein is just a fake channel, or the perhaps even with the casino? I Think Fake! Roshtein - FAKE and commercial project multilotto! Everything about his videos seems fake, you can never see the real balance on the site he plays on, he never overreacts to massive wins.

Roshtein Fake

Berühmtester Fall Roshtein wird hier diskutiert:​forums/​threads/roshstein-outed-himself-as-fake/. Ein sehr beliebter Online-Casino-​Streamer. Roshtein Fake Wie ist deine Meinung dazu? Hat schon jemand die Clips gesehen in denen sich Roshtein selbst verraten hat das er mit Fake Money zockt​? › was-haltet-ihr-von-dem-twitch-zocker-roshtein. Wer Hat Schon Mal are not wellfare institutes who likes cashouts almost every day above K mostly from Ursache Von Spielsucht money. I don't like the guy he creeps me out so I don't watch him but each to their own. Darum soll es hier nicht gehen. Hier versuchen wieder Leute andere in online Casinos zu locken, siehe die Links vom Nightbot Beste Spielothek in KrebsГ¶ge finden Screenshot. They need to know who this guy is. But this dickhead needs to come off twitch i report him every time hes live. Multi Lotto is just like Lotto land Casino. LisaLove Forenbeiträge: 6 Mitglied seit: Ausland 1 Glücksspiel ist Unterhaltung, doch wer es übertreibt, der riskiert, in die Spielsucht abzurutschen. Hier gehts zum richtigen Roshtein Twitch Kanal. This site uses cookies. Do you think that many streamers using fake money to stream casino? Sign in here. Soweit Beste Spielothek in Weyhern finden es mitbekommen habe, hat Roshtein von Multilotto kein Geld mehr bekommen. If Paul and bandit earn money from affiliates big deal use choose to put your money in the sites. Considering multilotto let me sign up, deposit and lose loads freely. With home backing is easy to provide proof, just Pokerseiten 2 minutes. Berühmtester Fall Roshtein wird hier diskutiert:​forums/​threads/roshstein-outed-himself-as-fake/. Ein sehr beliebter Online-Casino-​Streamer. Spielt Roshtein mit Fake-Einsätzen? Wie verdient er sein Geld? Und was steckt hinter den hohen Einsätzen? Wir haben Antworten! Roshtein Fake Wie ist deine Meinung dazu? Hat schon jemand die Clips gesehen in denen sich Roshtein selbst verraten hat das er mit Fake Money zockt​? Gibt es einen Roshtein Fake Kanal auf Youtube? Wir sagen auf jeden Fall ja, denn Roshtein streamt nur auf Twitch, alles andere ist Fake! My question is do you think Roshtein using fake money to gamble and deceive their viewers. KingSlot. There is no way to know for sure what kind of money. He logged on and showed thst balanced was real for real and play for play. Go To Topic Listing. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Never be ashamed to ask Roshtein about his founds, deposits and withdrawals from casino, which is very important. About Casinova. Are you fucking? And then you have a Beste Spielothek in CrГјchern finden roinstein, and those who blame him too. No one! Sign in here. Edited Online Pokern August, by dirtystack.

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Roshtein - Fake Money Streamer?

BESTE SPIELOTHEK IN ALTDORF FINDEN Online Casinos WeihnachtГџpiele Online diese Technik Welt durch eine Vielzahl an. Roshtein Fake

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Roshtein Fake

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In the scripts I found an API call delivering the currencies available with the following data:. This is a currency not displayed in the list, hence a currency they for some reason seem to be hiding.

FUN overrides the normal currency, hence if a player has the FUN currency, that will be used before any other currency.

Shown above, there is a function called B where a IF statement checks the following:. Anyone with IQ above 50, knew he wasn't legit anyway?

Hahahah but still sad. I think the people drawn to his streaming personality will carry on watching in collective denial.

So effectively the game servers are fooled by pretending to be real money play rather than demo play? If that is the case, then surely the game providers won't be too happy with it all?

How is it in comparison to other casinos? I'm not an Angular expert myself, and not really into js in general, but I still think there needs to be some more conclusive than an "if" scenario.

And if it's actually the case, they obviously have to be reported to the Malta gaming authorities.

The casino could be flagging actual cash spun as "fun" money and not be paying the expected cut to the provider. That exact scenario just doesn't seem super likely either.

Don't know mate, you are probably right. I wouldn't say that a lot of things is uncovered by forums. Something does seem fishy about N1, it's just hard to pinpoint whatever it may be.

It does necessary mean that the providers are being fooled. It could just be a technical way to separate the currencies for reporting and that later on.

What I know there is no way to load a game in "practice" mode with a set amount of money. That should only be possible in a "real money" slot.

I tried this yesterday. I will do some more testing before I confirm that it works. What currency I get going into the game, I cant see Nor can I see if something happens when the game loads.

So I will do a new test during the day. For me, as much as I dislike Roshstein and N1 even more after seeing their newsletter which is utterly irresponsible I dont think this proves anything.

There is two different functions, where one of the is when you want to play for "real" and the other for "practice". What caught my attention is that, when you press play for "real", there is a check if you have the currency of "FUN" in your user object, if so load that as default.

I smell jealouy. People have hated on Rosh since he started streming years ago and he got shitloads of more wiewers then other streamers every stream, why?

He is a true entertainer and a Great streamer, i can promise you that most he's wiewers would not even care if it would come out that he is "fake".

He get trashtalked loads from other streamers and at Cadinodaddy you even get banned mention hes name? I mean that is so silly.

Rosh never talks shit about anyone and are always humble and friendly. I'm questioning the case that he is promoting unethical and high-rolling casino play, with potentially fake money , that should be out in the public.

Especially so people understand,that betting that high is not sustainable in the long run. The thing is its possible he wae logged out yes or no Its possible he clicked real play the way the mouse.

Pointer was moving Choose which side. And then you have a bad roinstein, and those who blame him too. I mean i first thought, this guy gets insane Bonuses because he plays on such high bets, which would be understandable to get a big win and wager your money to cashout as usually.

But i found a video which percent proofs that he is using Fake Money in terms of non withdrawal money. Here are 2videos, the first shows that he is using fake money, talking years about the demo version and accidently click to it while talking about it.

Second is how he explains the demo version, LIKE who describces something which doesnt need many words and he talks about it several minutes, like he fucked up and tries to ignore that.

Like how he talks about a demo version is so weird and looking by his face reactions as well as body reaction he knew he fked up, i saw it few times on his streams and now i saw it as well.

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